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Title:【中国文化-英文】First Xi'an Qujiang Contemporary Art Festival promotes young artists

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editor 15-12-24 16:03

The First Xi'an Qujiang Contemporary Art Festival & the Sixth 1912 New Star Art Festival officially kicked off on Monday in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province, and is promoting young artists in China.

Sponsored by Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment Group and 1912 Group in Jiangsu province, the festival attracted more than 300 guests from the circles of art, education, collectors, media and investors to discuss and cooperate for integrated resources and cross boundary development.

According to Chen Gongde, deputy director of Qujiang New Area administrative committee, the Sixth 1912 New Star Art Festival which was also entitled the First Xi'an Qujiang Contemporary Art Festival was a new grafting effort made by Qujiang to promote culture, industrial development and diversity in art.

Chen Jun, investor of the new art star festival and rotating president of the China urban real estate union, said that the festival has been held six times and the organizing committee has always insisted on the public welfare and purity for art development.

'The festival is launched as a platform to support young artists and to provide opportunity for young artists' sustainable development,' Chen said.

The festival started to collect works of art from young artists from all over the world early this year and by the deadline on Oct 20, 2015, it received art works from 3,685 artists, some of whom came from Canada, the United States, Australia and Singapore, as well as Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

The festival organizing committee invited 85 renowned artists from all over the country at the end of November to carry out preliminary assessments on the collected art works and selected 100 finalists whose works were displayed in Xi'an Art Museum.

The most promising 7 winners of the year were selected by a 7-member final art panel on Dec 20 and the organizing committee announced the final judgment on Monday, followed by an awards ceremony.