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Title:Guidance for HSK Test Takers—Test Center at The Open University of China(国家开放大学) Highlight

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xiangwen 14-09-26 10:29

1. Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK) HSK Speaking Test(HSKK)

HSK is an international standardized Chinese language test to measure the ability of nonnative Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in daily lives, academic and working settings. HSK comprises of six levels from HSK-Level 1 to HSK-Level 6.

HSKK can be divide into three levels of HSKK(Basic), HSKK(Intermediate) and HSKK(Advanced), and test takers' on-site performance will be recorded.

Test Dates 8th Nov.    6th Dec.

Deadline for Registration:  12th Oct.  9th Nov.

2. Test Address and Type

Test Address: Weigongcun Campus, Central Radio & TV University, No.2 Weigongcun Road, Haidian District, Beijing (close to weigongcun metro station)

Paper-based Test: Test takers should fill in all the answers on the Answer Sheet, and the answer should be marked by 2B pencil.

3. What a Chinese Test can do for you?

Pass for Coming to Study in China

Must-Have Qualification for Applying Scholarship

Plus for Career Building

Way for Testing Chinese Language Proficiency

4. Test Registration and Payment online

a) Log into the

b) User registration: Register to become a user of the Chinese testing service website, and remember your user name (mailbox) and password.

c) Test registration: Select the test level, form (paper-based), test center(China beijing国家开放大学) and date. Before registration, you must first know about what are the organizing forms available at the selected test center.

d) Fill in your personal information: Fill in your name (identical with your identity certificate), gender, date of birth, nationality, information of your identity certificate, etc. Please ensure authenticity and integrity of the information.

e) Upload a photo: Test takers’ recent photo for identification (in a standard, two-inch form), and photos of daily life or landscape will not be accepted;

f) Confirm the registration information: After verifying the information, select 'Confirm and Submit'.

g) Pay the test fee: Please complete the payment before the registration deadline; otherwise the registration is invalid. After you have successfully paid the test fee, the test cannot be cancelled. For test centers with online payment, test takers can directly pay online.

h) Receive the test registration confirmation: Test takers who have completed the registration and payment, and have filled in a valid E-mail address, will receive a registration confirmation 10 days before the test. If no confirmation is received, please contact the test center.

i) Collect / Print the test admission ticket: You may either log into the Chinese testing service website and print your test admission ticket or collect it at the test center. On the test date, you must bring and present your test admission ticket and identity certificate.

5. Test Registration and Payment offline

Also, you can go to the test center to complete on-site registration and payment.

Address: Chinese Language Center Open University of China #75 Fuxing Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100039, P.R.China

If you have any questions or need further help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact   Ms. Zhang                                     Tel010-57519205  /57519206

6. We provide

a) Two times of free online simulated tests

b) Online exercises at one level for the validity of fifteen days (


The Open University of China

  HSK Test Center