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Title:Is Chinese really that hard a language to learn?

Language Trainers
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Language Trainers 12-08-31 11:13

      It seems like there is a widespread misconception about Chinese being impossible to learn. We believe that this has to do with the occidental \'fear\' of a different writing system (the Chinese don\'t use an alphabet per se, but a completely different writing method made of symbols). Well, the good news is that the writing system could be a challenge on the first stage, but once you have a basic command of them, all what\'s left is enjoying the rest of the learning process. According to a survey conducted by the Education Ministry and Language Commission of China, knowing less than 1,000 Chinese characters is enough to read 90% of the current Chinese publication. This fact is pretty encouraging for students taking Chinese classes Toronto style.


       Learning the Chinese writing system takes a few months, but it is much more interesting than the regular alphabet we find in most occidental languages, even if there are some slight changes or new characters (ü; ä; ö; ñ; å; Ç; ã, etc.). It\'s a whole new thing. Chinese characters are marked by a certain mystique that fascinates the Chinese and Chinese students. There are admired for the beauty of their shapes and their meanings (such as \'sincerity\' or \'virtue\') which is the reason why they are considered objects worthy of study in themselves.


       As far as the Chinese grammar, it is much simpler than that of most European languages. While verbs are so difficult to conjugate in Spanish, and nouns have three genres in German, the Chinese grammar is pretty straightforward: each word has a fixed and simple form: verbs don\'t take prefixes or suffixes depending on the person, number or gender; nouns don\'t change their form depending on the number. The logic of Chinese grammar is completely different: as there is no inflectional morphology, it concerns the way words are arranged to form a meaningful sentence.


       When taking Chinese lessons Vancouver students don\'t find the language \'not that difficult\' because of the grammar. The fact that the language is so interesting is a booster for all students. Besides, with a tool like the Internet, good Chinese can be found everywhere, along with material to complement lessons with practice at home (papers, videos, audio, etc.). After all, Chinese is not that difficult a language to learn.

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mmm 12-08-31 11:25
Looks interesting!

天才小兴兴 12-09-12 09:34
It‘'s usually a good way to open the mind and horizon for foreign people, esp. those from Europ or America.

nan 12-09-12 09:54
every language has its own specialities,it could hard but interesting for you if you want and need. I agree with somebody who learn some language as a interest and enjoy the learning progress and joy.