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  Festival legends, and the majority of traditional festivals like, the Chung Yeung Festival is an ancient legend

  Down in the Eastern Han Dynasty, a plague Ruhe devil, as long as it appeared, some people get sick every family, every day someone died, that the people who suffer with the disease ravaged by demons. A plague killing of the young Fuller's parents, his illness has killed almost lives. When fully recovered, he said goodbye a beloved wife and his people, determined to visit Xian Conservatory out, the people get rid of the plague demons. Fuller four division Seeking visit, visited every Goldsmith around the mountains, and finally asked to be one in the east of the oldest mountain, mountains have an almighty cent long, and Fuller all else a distant journey, under the guidance of the red-crowned cranes, finally found a really tall mountains, which have found a miraculous powers of the immortals long, long cents for his spirit moved. finally accept the constant King, and he taught Spirit swordplay, he also donated a Spirit sword. Fuller clock drilling, and finally out of a training extraordinary boy

    Put the angel long Fuller was called the Frontier, said : "Tomorrow is September 9th, the god of evil also has to do evil. you have skills studies, we should go back to the people from harm. " Sin Cheung gave Fuller a packet Cantleye leaves, chrysanthemums things without actually buying liquor, and protect them from evil secret delegated usage, Fuller rode a red-crowned cranes rushing home

  Fuller returned to his hometown, September 9th in the morning, according to Sin long urged folks get put in the vicinity of a mountain. Cantleye to each one leaves things without actually buying chrysanthemum wine, well overcome preparation. Around midday, as against the sharp, blast out Ruhe devil, but the devil blast just Pudao Hill, Wen sudden bursts of Cantleye Qi Hong and chrysanthemum alcohol, stop screeching halt, faces mutation, Then Fuller holding Lock sword down to recover, several rounds of the devil put to death Wen Jian, From then on September 9th assume avoid the outbreak of customs handed down year after year. Liang Wu is in his "Qi added harmonic mind," a book of those records

  Later, people will bring in the custom Festival assume a disaster is seen as a refuge activities. In addition, the Central Plains of traditional values, or double nine lives a long, healthy longevity mean, Therefore, later Festival will be established as a festival for the elderly