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Learn Chinese Free

文化漫谈 Chinese Culture

Have a chat about folk customs; enjoy special Chinese culture; taste delicious cuisine; talk about funny things.

Number of topics :127   Created :10-08-06 11:07   Last Contributor :15-04-17 17:27

视频课堂 / Chinese Language Video for the Classroom

Experience without living home, learn and practice within a click. Chinese learning can be simple and practical.

Number of topics :55   Created :10-08-06 14:46   Last Contributor :13-08-07 15:04

古诗鉴赏 / Poems

Enjoy Chinese poetry and savor the beauty of Chinese.

Number of topics :106   Created :10-08-06 14:54   Last Contributor :15-11-16 17:39

九州览胜 Travel Around China

Feast your eyes on the splendid Chinese landscape within a click, Tell memorable travel storys within a few words.

Number of topics :93   Created :10-08-06 14:55   Last Contributor :13-10-31 14:27

一日一字 / Chinese Characters

Trace the origin of Chinese characters to explore culture behind them.

Number of topics :556   Created :10-08-06 16:59   Last Contributor :15-12-17 16:52

流行风 In Fashion

Follow interesting news and fashionable trends in China

Number of topics :93   Created :10-08-06 17:33   Last Contributor :14-08-08 15:59

生活小景 Everyday Life

Common Chinese customs that are strange to the foreigners. Experience the joys of life in different culture.

Number of topics :45   Created :10-08-06 17:41   Last Contributor :14-10-08 16:52

成语欣赏 Proverbs and Idioms

There is no cooler method of learning Chinese than by acquiring Chinese idioms while reading stories.

Number of topics :158   Created :10-08-09 15:32   Last Contributor :15-05-29 17:25

新闻听力 / News Broadcasts

Learn Chinese by listening to the news. New method to learn modern Chinese.

Number of topics :1376   Created :10-09-01 13:31   Last Contributor :15-12-04 17:29

趣味汉语 Jokes and Humor

Laugh more learn more.

Number of topics :91   Created :10-09-02 15:40   Last Contributor :15-05-26 17:19

外眼看中国 / China Through the Eyes of a Foreigner

China in the eyes of the world expects your views.

Number of topics :52   Created :10-09-29 14:20   Last Contributor :13-09-11 17:17

唐人看世界 / The World Through Chinese Eyes

See the world in the eyes of Chinese people; understand the feelings of Chinese people who live in other countries.

Number of topics :73   Created :10-10-09 09:25   Last Contributor :13-07-24 17:20

小不点大眼睛 / The World Through the Eyes of a Child

What are the different views of the world between children and adults?

Number of topics :59   Created :10-10-09 09:35   Last Contributor :12-04-06 09:37

文向文选集 Weshare Anthology

Begin an imaginary journey with teenagers from Taiwan.

Number of topics :42   Created :10-11-02 16:12   Last Contributor :14-09-15 17:28

轻松学汉字 Let's Enjoy Chinese.

It's quicker better and easier to write Chinese by understanding character structures.

Number of topics :15   Created :10-12-02 14:29   Last Contributor :11-11-10 11:03

一日一句 Chinese Colloquial Phrases

A single sentence a day, simple and authentic, short and practical.

Number of topics :609   Created :10-12-17 16:03   Last Contributor :15-12-03 17:34

一日一词 Chinese Words

Believe it or not, you can use these popular and practical words in life as soon as you've learnt.

Number of topics :562   Created :10-12-17 16:06   Last Contributor :15-11-10 17:26