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外眼看中国 / China Through the Eyes of a Foreigner

China in the eyes of the world expects your views.

Number of topics :52   Created :10-09-29 14:20   Last Contributor :13-09-11 17:17

唐人看世界 / The World Through Chinese Eyes

See the world in the eyes of Chinese people; understand the feelings of Chinese people who live in other countries.

Number of topics :73   Created :10-10-09 09:25   Last Contributor :13-07-24 17:20

小不点大眼睛 / The World Through the Eyes of a Child

What are the different views of the world between children and adults?

Number of topics :59   Created :10-10-09 09:35   Last Contributor :12-04-06 09:37

文向文选集 Weshare Anthology

Begin an imaginary journey with teenagers from Taiwan.

Number of topics :42   Created :10-11-02 16:12   Last Contributor :14-09-15 17:28