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Learn Chinese Free

文化漫谈 Chinese Culture

Have a chat about folk customs; enjoy special Chinese culture; taste delicious cuisine; talk about funny things.

Number of topics :127   Created :10-08-06 11:07   Last Contributor :15-04-17 17:27

九州览胜 Travel Around China

Feast your eyes on the splendid Chinese landscape within a click, Tell memorable travel storys within a few words.

Number of topics :93   Created :10-08-06 14:55   Last Contributor :13-10-31 14:27

流行风 In Fashion

Follow interesting news and fashionable trends in China

Number of topics :93   Created :10-08-06 17:33   Last Contributor :14-08-08 15:59

生活小景 Everyday Life

Common Chinese customs that are strange to the foreigners. Experience the joys of life in different culture.

Number of topics :45   Created :10-08-06 17:41   Last Contributor :14-10-08 16:52