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纠客 Bug Finder

estella  11-11-21 14:31

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With the proliferation of films and television programs in recent years, a certain kind of group called “Bug Finder” has come into being. Their jobs are finding mistakes which are hardly noticed in these films and TV plays and listing them on the internet.
In the beginning, these bug finders regard what they are doing as a hobby. Nowadays, their work is acknowledged and appreciated by more and more people. Therefore, some of them take it as a career and even set up relative websites for demonstrating these mistakes to attract viewers. 
In fact, it is difficult to find mistakes in films and TV dramas. Sometimes the shot is very short and it takes professional knowledge and great patience to spot the mistakes. Usually the shot needs to be replayed in slow-mo many times and the finders have to capture the screen, circle the mistake and illustrate it. For most of the bugs are easily-overlooked details, patience, background knowledge, video editing skills and logical thinking are necessary.
       现在,纠客的行业队伍不断壮大。一些资深纠客表示,在“找茬”的过程中能学到很多知识,一边找一边学,很有挑战性,当这些错误得到广大网友认同时 ,纠客们就会觉得很有成就感。
Now, more and more people join the team. Some senior bug finders say they can learn much during the process of finding bugs and it is a very challenging job. When what they have found is agreed and praised by others, they would feel proud of themselves.


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