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光棍节你是怎么过的?How Did You Spend Singles’ Day?

estella  11-12-01 09:38

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November 11th, 2011 is regarded as the most special Singles’ Day. Because this date contains six “1’s,” it occurs only once in a hundred years. The Arabic number “1” looks very much like a smooth stick and in Chinese, “光棍(guānggùn) (literally means smooth stick)” refers to bachelors, that’s why November 11th has come to be called Singles’ Day. Originally, “光棍” referred to men particularly, but later people used the word to refer to both men and women.
Singles’ Day is popular among Chinese young people to celebrate their single life. This unofficial holiday originated from universities, but later, by means of the Internet it has gradually formed its own culture. There are different reasons for young people to remain single. Some people are busy with their job and have no time to maintain a relationship, while others’ social circle is very limited, making it difficult for them to get to know new people of the opposite sex. Therefore, they become “leftovers,” as it were. There are also people who have a good job and a high salary, but they choose to remain single in order to enjoy a better life.

Single people celebrate this holiday in different ways. College students pride themselves on being single. Often, they will have dinner with their single friends and then go to a karaoke bar. Some may muster up courage and make their feelings known to the one they like, hoping to put an end to their single life. But to those who have just ended a relationship, it is a day of pain. To avoid heartbreak some people may choose to work overtime to forget their pain. While others may ask for a leave of absence and take a trip outside to enjoy beautiful scenery, rather than watching others celebrate the holiday.


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