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“中国狼爸”把三个孩子“打”进北大“The Wolf Father in China”

estella  11-12-02 13:53

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Some time ago there was a heated discussion on the Internet about a strict Asian American mother who had brought up her two daughters with stern methods. Recently, a strict father named Xiao Baiyou showed up in Shanghai to promote his new book So, My Kids Go to Peking University. Nicknamed “The Chinese wolf father”, he has attracted the attention of many parents and educators.
Xiao Baiyou keeps firmly in mind the ancient Chinese principle that a child’s  mistakes should be blamed on his father’s failure to teach him. Therefore, his personal motto for raising children is — “give the kids a beating, so they can go to Peking University”. When his own children were young, if they failed to meet his demands in their study and daily behaviors, he would give them severe physical punishment. He  prepared canes and feather dusters in the house, with which he beat the children when they failed to recite Three-character Scripture and Pupil Rule (two Chinese classics), which they had to recite fluently before they went to bed. He forbade them the Internet and television, and they could not turn on the air conditioner without his permission. He holds that children should obey their parents unconditionally and beating children is quite natural and reasonable. As a father, nothing has made him more proud than the fact that three of his four children have been admitted into Peking University, one of China’s most esteemed universities.
Many people question his educational method. Some regard it as  “slavish”, depriving children of their individuality and independent thinking and therefore should not be advocated. But there are also others who support him. It is said that more than 30 children have been sent to him to be disciplined with his self-created educational methods during summer and winter vacations.


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