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文明交通的“快乐符号”——汽车后窗文化 Road Courtesy: Rear Window Culture

estella  11-12-05 14:45

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Modern people, especially young people, are eager to express their individuality. Nowadays, in addition to clothes and makeup, cars’ rear windows have become a canvas on which all kinds of stickers are displayed; a phenomenon that has given rise to a distinctive culture of car window display.
      除了张扬个性,车后贴也可以有不少实际功用。例如,提醒保持车距,为新手司机提示。例如,“保持车距”、“当您看清这行字时,您的车离我太近了”等这类较为传统的警示语句。现在的年轻人则更偏爱幽默甚至“恐吓”的车贴。例如“女司机 磨合 头一回=女魔头”、“别吻我,我怕修。”、“别追了,名花有主。”、“后置核弹,保持距离。”等。还有一些则紧扣时事,如“别追我,我爸是李刚。”等。后车司机看到这些另类的车后贴也会微微一笑,缓解了堵车时的烦躁。
Car stickers have other functions besides showing the individuality of car owners. They can remind people to maintain a safe distance between other cars when driving. For example, certain warning signs such as, “保持车距(Maintain safe driving distance)” and “当您看清这行字时,您的车离我太近了(If you can read this, then you are driving too close!)” are some of the most common types of car stickers. Young people prefer to use car stickers that can arouse a special emotional response such as, “女司机 磨合 头一回=女魔头(Women drivers practice first time = dangerous)”, “别吻我,我怕修 (Don’t kiss me, I don’t want to be fixed)”, “别追了,名花有主(Stop chasing after me, I’m already taken.)”, and “内置核弹,保持距离(Nuclear bomb on board, keep distance!)”. Some car stickers use popular sayings such as, “别追我,我爸是李刚 (Don’t follow me, my father is Li Gang.)”. Such stickers may be amusing to other drivers and can sometimes provide relief from the irritation caused by traffic jams.
The popularity of rear window culture has made the car sticker a hot commodity, which has sold very well in stores. There are many on-line stores selling car stickers as well. If you type “车贴(car stickers)” into the search engine on, you’ll get millions of results. However, keep in mind that when choosing car stickers, it is better to choose stickers with funny and polite language instead of rude and uncivilized one.


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