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给未来的自己写信 Writing to the Future You

estella  11-12-19 16:44

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“How are you doing lately? What are you busy with? Are you still holding on to your original dream? Remember to stick with it no matter how hard it is, and be happy every day.”
 This is a letter of Xiao Wang written to himself 4 years later. Wang has just started his life as a “Beijing drifter” (Beijing drifters refer to people who live and work in Beijing without a registered Beijing  residence and change houses from time to time).
It is uncertain when the custom of writing to oneself began, but it is gradually becoming more popular. Many young people are fond of writing to their future selves. They will hand over their letters complete with postal address, contact details and designated time for delivery to a specialized postal service or company for temporary keeping (the designated time for delivery is usually several years later, or can sometimes be even longer)and when the time comes, the letters will be sent as required. To ensure the arrival of the letters, the senders are required to leave a return address in case of delivery failure in the future.
       在一家专门从事这项业务的公司中,很多人都在这里给未来的自己写信。当被问到为什么这样做时,很多人表达了自己的看法。“在未来的某个时间突然收到写给自己的信,我觉得会非常感动。”“你会想起当时的感觉,也许会很激励人。”“人有时候不能只往前走,还要偶尔回头看看以前的自己。”“这件事挺有创意的,想试试看。” ……这些给未来的自己写信的人都有着各种各样的写信理由。
One company specializing in such services receives quite a number of people who are writing to their future selves. When asked the reason, certain ones have expressed, “I think I will be extremely excited when I suddenly receive a letter I wrote to myself sometime in the past.” “When I receive the letter I will remember how I felt in the past, which may be encouraging.” “We need not only push forward, but also look back every now and then.” “It’s really creative, and I want to have a try.” Evidently, people who write to their future selves have various reasons for doing so.
With the increase of these letter-writing people, similar online events such as “Writing to the Future” have been initiated. If you find it interesting, why not join them!


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