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你微信,米聊了吗?Have You “Twittered” or Used “Mi Talk Messenger”?

estella  12-01-10 11:12

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Nowadays, when you are walking down the street, you may find many people talking to their cell phones, No need to feel awkward, they may be using “twitter” or “Mi Talk Messenger”. These two social networking methods are very fashionable and advanced and are praised highly by people.
Twitter and Mi Talk Messenger are new generation cell phone instant messenger applications. They support real-time voice conversation; video, message sending, pictures updates and more. They have been called “voice mail box” or “interphone” by many people, but they are more economical and faster than traditional methods.
“Let’s go shopping this weekend!” “OK….” Xiao Li and his girlfriend are fans of twitter which they have used for half a year. “Twitter is cheaper than making a call and sending short messages. And because there is no limit of distance, I can save roaming fees when I go on business trips to other places…….” says Xiao Li while demonstrating.
“It is very convenient. I speak while pressing the intercom button at the bottom of the screen and then send it out directly when I finish. It is suitable for our seniors because it can save the trouble of typing” says fifty-eight-year-old Mr. Zhao while showing us how it works. . It seems as if he is also a fan of Mi Talk Messenger.
So, after hearing these recommendations,would you like to have a try at this new fashionableproduct ?


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