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年终奖的乐与愁 The happiness and frustration of year-end bonus

estella  12-01-13 10:58

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With the imminent arrival of Spring Festival,  the year-end bonus becomes a hot topic. To most salary earners, the anticipation of the year-end bonus seems to be much more than the anticipation of the New Year.  The reason being, that a year-end bonus is not only positive affirmation of one’s job performance , but also a guaranteed means to support parents and improve one’s lifestyle . However there is huge difference in the bonus amount provided to those in different industries and positions; for some it is a cause for rejoicing, for others anxiety.
An online friend named “Yanzi” working in a state-owned enterprise says, “It’s good that our company gave me 20,000 RMB as year-end bonus. Not only can I take my parents  on a trip, but also buy the iphone 4s which I have longed for.”
But “Qingfeng” who works in catering services was very frustrated. Although her expectations may have been unrealistic,  she never thought that  her boss would give each one of them a box of steamed buns as a year-end bonus. He said  the buns were a good omen for next year. How depressing!  
“Xiaoshi” who works in a foreign-invested enterprise was also let down. Before actually receiving his year end bonus, his girlfriend had decided to deposit the money in a bank account as a love fund. However, he has yet to receive the bonus and his future prospects are looking grim.
“Lulu”, a worker in a foreign-invested enterprise told us that their year-end bonus had “jet lag” which  usually means that it will be provided in June or July of next year, on the basis of performance.


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