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《失恋33天》,爱情并不盲目 Love is not blind

estella  12-01-15 09:36

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The proverb “love is blind” was once regarded as truth. But recently, a hit Chinese movie named Love is not blind overthrew this “verdict”. People have begun the next round of discussion about love, some have even begun to look for their own “Wang Xiaojian (hero in the movie)” .
Adapted from an online novel of the same name, it tells the story of 33 days, and what happens between two individuals; Huang Xiaoxian(played by Bai Baihe) who has just broken up with her boyfriend after being in love for seven years and Wang Xiaojian(Played by Wen Zhang) her friend and colleague who works in the same wedding-planning company. Due to her suffering from the breakup, Huang Xiaoxian is not in the mood to plan a wedding ceremony, but with the help of Wang Xiaojian is able to complete the project . Afterward in order to help Huang Xiaoxian take revenge, Wang Xiaojian embarrasses Huang Xiaoxian’s ex-boyfriend in public. But when Huang Xiaoxian chases her ex-boyfriend’s car, Wang Xiaojian slaps her, bringing her to her senses. In the end, both of them become close friends and live together.
In fact, the story of lovers breaking up is nothing new. But what is new and impressive about the movie is Wang Xiaojian. Whether it be his way of walking, carrying a bag or applying hand cream and lipstick, Wang Xiaojian’s mannerism is peculiarly feminine. Like Huang Xiaoxian, many  viewers also doubt  his sexuality. This kind of movie is rare among domestic movies, which has become one of the key factors to its  success. 
In the end of the movie, when Huang Xiaoxian is lost in  thought, Wang Xiaojian turns on the neon light opposite to their office and tells her that he will be by her side forever. Maybe they will become sweet lovers, or maybe Wang Xiaojian will remain Huang Xiaoxian’s best friend. Either way, Huang Xiaoxian will not be alone.
Love would not be blind with a person like Wang Xiaojian around, because he would light up a lamp to make  clear what is most important.


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