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“网购”年夜饭成时尚 Ordering reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve on line is fashionable

estella  12-02-01 10:28

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As the Spring Festival approaches, people begin to think about what they should prepare for a special reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve. Living in a digital age, people can buy whatever they want on the Internet with a click of the mouse at home. For online shoppers reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is no exception. Nowadays, ordering reunion dinner on the Internet has become the latest trend.
Li Yang, who works in a foreign invested enterprise, says: “I’m very busy with my work, but I have decided to prepare a good dinner for my family on New Year’s Eve. Although I’m not good at cooking, I don’t have to worry about it because I can buy specialty foods from different places in China on I buy online partially prepared and ready-to-cook dishes, so I can cook them later all by myself. That way we can taste food from all over the country and get special discounts in addition.”

At present, several on-line shopping websites have provided many popular foods from all over the country for people to choose from, such as Sichuan food and imported cakes, etc.


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