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一起去看冰灯吧 The Ice Lantern Festival

estella  12-02-10 09:38

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The North of China turns into a world of ice and snow in winter. After awhile, the  hoary landscape becomes an insipid and dreary sight. . Consequently, the clever northerners came up with an interesting idea – brightening up their life with colorful ice lanterns. Originally, people made ice lanterns to decorate their houses; later, as they grew in  popularity, lanterns were produced in all different shapes and in a full array of colors . In time, a new celebration was born – the Ice Lantern Festival.
The Ice Lantern Festival, popular in the northeast of China where the climate is bitterly cold in winter, has a history of several hundreds of years. The festival is usually held during the first lunar month and very often overlaps the Lantern Festival, of which it has become a very important part. During the festival there are many different activities such as picnics on glaciers and ice-carving contests. There are also exhibitions of ice lanterns in various shapes such as dragons, lions, towers, and peacocks. Recently, people have introduced different style lanterns from abroad such as snowflake lanterns, water-drop lanterns, and star-studded lanterns, which complement and illuminate the exhibition in a rich and lively way.

It is worth mentioning that the Ice Lantern Festival of Harbin has been well-known both at home and abroad. Many locals and tourists from abroad are drawn to Harbin in the first lunar month every year. If you want to know more about the fascinating culture of ice lanterns, you can come to Harbin to see it for yourself.


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