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你有“微简历”吗?Do you have a “micro-resume?”

estella  12-02-21 10:50

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Recently, micro-blogging has become a new way for young people to apply for jobs and in order to facilitate the process; the “micro-resume” has emerged. In order to find satisfying jobs, job hunters concentrate their resumes into just a few words and post it on a micro-blog. According to statistics, the micro-resumes on have reached up to 17,000.

A graduate wrote on his micro-blog, “I am a Beijing Normal University graduate, planning to find a temporary job to support myself. I will take part in the entrance exam for postgraduate schools next year.” Using this method he was hoping to find a proper job.
On a micro-resume, the maximum input allowance of Chinese characters is 140. Therefore, it really requires skill and effort to describe yourself clearly using simple wording, while at the same time creating an attractive resume. However, there are some young people who are not sincerely interested in finding jobs this way; some simply amuse themselves by creating fun or ridiculous resumes. 
Besides, many professionals doubt this unconventional method for job hunting. A human resource manager of an advertising company expresses that he is cautious about micro-resumes because he thinks it is difficult for micro-resumes to provide enough personal information to attract employers due to its limited space.
However, some companies are not against the idea. For example, Alipay---Chinese third payment platform, has begun to recruit from micro-blog since 2009. 
People have different opinions of the micro-resume. What do you think?


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