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微电影,正在流行中 Micro-movie is in vogue

estella  12-03-06 11:35

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This is the “micro” era. After the appearance of micro-novels and micro-blogs, micro-movies are now becoming popular now. There were many micro-movies produced last year, among which one movie called Old Boy serving as a fine representative,  has triggered a micro-movie viewing boom.
Micro-movies are the product of the combination of traditional movies and online videos, “micro” being the main characteristic. In terms of time span, t micro-movies can be anywhere between two or three minutes, to twenty or thirty minutes long; unlike traditional movies which can be two to three hours in length.
From the production perspective, it does not consume as much time, energy, and resources  as it would to produce a traditional movie. Its production period is short, investment is less   and the access threshold is relatively Therefore, many grass-roots artists have the opportunity to join in the production of micro-movies.
Regarding movie screening, the difference between micro-movies and traditional movies is the mode of projection. Instead of movie theaters, Micro-movies are usually broadcast on the internet and viewable on cell phones or other popular devices, making them more accessible to the general public. 
Micro-movies meet the needs of movie viewers who are caught up in the rapid pace of life. Nowadays, many websites are holding competitions for original micro-movies. If you have ideas and enthusiasm, why not take part in the creation of micro-movies with DV?


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