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“女性表白日”,你表白了吗?Did you express on “Express Your Feelings Day”?

estella  12-03-26 11:11

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Feb 29, 2012 was a leap day and also the very romantic “Express Your Feelings Day”. On this day, ladies boldly reveal their feelings, or even propose to the guys they admire most. It’s said that if they express themselves on this day, there is a greater chance of success.
Because men cannot easily refuse the women, if they do, they have to provide “compensation”, such as sending them small gifts or treating them to dinner, etc. This tradition originated in Scotland and has a history of several hundreds of years.
The discussion regarding “express your feelings day” on Sina Micro-blog was intense. The majority of the posts were to encourage the ladies to bravely show their love. A netizen named “Baibai” says, “It’s a pleasant surprise we have such an impressive holiday. Ladies, muster up your courage and fight for your happiness!”
In addition shrewd accessory merchants take advantage of this business opportunity, creating advertisements such as “All ladies who succeed in confessing their love can enjoy a 20% discount on every item in our store.  Men who don’t respond should buy something to make compensation”.  Business on that day was booming.
Of course, some netizens don’t find it necessary to celebrate this holiday. They believe ladies can show their feelings at any time.


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