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反向探亲——悄然兴起的新年 Visiting relatives opposite to the traditional custom----a new emerging new year’s custom

estella  12-03-31 13:34

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The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday. According to the custom, children who live and work in other cities and provinces will return home before the lunar New Year’s Eve and reunite with their parents and relatives. However, for several reasons, many are hindered from returning. For example, the difficulty of buying tickets, packed trains and short holidays. Under these circumstances, there is a new custom of visiting relatives emerging, opposite to the traditional one. Some considerate parents now choose to celebrate the lunar New Year in their children’s houses.
Liu Gang who has been working in a company in Beijing for seven years has deep feeling about the difficulty in returning to his hometown. In former years, because of the difficulty in buying train tickets for the date of the approaching Spring Festival, he always bought whole-price plane tickets to his hometown—Changsha in Hunan Province which cost him thousands of Yuan. Several days later, he would then have to rashly return to Beijing and begin to work. But this year, he didn’t bother to go home during the Spring Festival, because his parents decided to go to Beijing and spend the New Year with him.
In Comparison, it’s easier and more economical for parents to buy tickets to Beijing. Since they have retired and have free time, they can avoid the peak time to travel and have more time to stay with their children. Beijing is a tourist city in which parents can visit many places of historical interest. Liu Gang decided to take his parents to Tiananmen Square to watch the flag-raising and go to temple fair in the Temple of Earth, to have a taste of the old Beijing flavor of festivities which let them experience Spring Festival in a different way.
This way, not only can family members reunite, but also don’t have to be anxious about buying train tickets. It is also gradually changing the traditional custom of out-of-towners returning to their hometown for the Spring Festival. In fact, the biggest importance of the lunar New Year is to reunite with families. So no matter where you celebrate it, as long as you are with family, isn’t it all the same?


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