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挖野菜 To dig edible wild herbs

estella  12-05-17 09:53

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       “莫愁客到无供给,家酿香浓野菜春。”这是中国唐代大诗人白居易《池上闲吟》一诗中讲述自己用野菜制佳肴招待客人的句子。作者对野菜入肴大加赞美,喜爱之 情可见一斑。无独有偶,在一千多年后的今天,野菜依然是百姓餐桌上的美味。人们选择春天吃野菜,最主要的原因就是看中野菜的高营养价值。经过了冬日高强度 的鱼肉进补,不少人都怀念起清淡的野菜,想要调理一下肠胃。
“Don’t worry about insufficiency of food when guests come, because there will always be home-brewed alcohol and edible wild herbs.” This poem, Idly Chanted by the Pond, was written by the great poet Bai Juyi during the Tang Dynasty. Bai Juyi’s love for wild herbs is clearly seen in his praise for them as a good dish to serve to guests. Even today, over one thousand years later, edible wild herbs can still be found on our dinner tables. The main reason people prefer to eat edible wild herbs in spring is for their high nutrition value. After having eaten mostly fish and meat during winter, many people long for the light taste of the edible wild herbs, and the health benefits they bring.
Besides the high nutrition value and good taste, picking wild herbs is a great joy. Since edible wild herbs grow in open fields, we have to go outdoors to pick them, and sometimes even hike a long distance. Many people believe it’s a good way to relax because not only does it exercise the body, but while searching for the herbs we are brought closer to nature. 
On Spring weekends, many people go to dig edible wild herbs with their children. In the light of the morning sun, people walk towards the field with baskets. The edible wild herbs flourish in spring due to the increase in sunlight, rain water and rich soil. All kinds of edible wild herbs including sow thistle and shepherd's purse growing by the ridge, like little green umbrellas with verdant leaves.
It’s time to dig-up edible wild herbs. People scatter to search for them along the ridge. With shovel in hand, people begin to dig here and there. If they find herbs, they quickly stow them away in their baskets like valuable treasures. Many people can’t get a lot since they are the first to dig, yet they still dig until sweat drips from their faces. People often make comparison to see who has the most when they finish digging. This activity gives individuals an opportunity not only to experience natural beauty, but also to put delicious food on their dinner tables. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


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