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网络团购 Group Procurement Online

cindy  10-09-28 14:22



Group Procurement Online

Recently among young netizens, there began an upsurge of group purchases online.

"Group Procurement" is a new way of shopping, that is, among those buyers who do not know each other, a group of as many people as possible is created, which greatly increases their bargaining power with the salespeople, thus enabling them to get the best possible deal for the products or services which they are purchasing. Now through the platform of the internet, it has emerged a great number of shopping centers on the web. The phenomenon of online group procurement first began in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. Now it has already become very popular in big cities all over the country, becoming a most favorable choice among buyers since it is a modern, valuable method of making purchases. It has the convenience and speed of online purchasing, and isn't limited by location and the like. The price superiority becomes the most important reason for its dominance, and this advantage makes it a favorite among most young people.

Now websites for online group procurement are sprouting up quickly as new bamboo shoots after the spring rain, with every website introducing a steady number of possible group procurement activities, and the choices are becoming more and more varied.  Those young people from 25 to 35 years old who like to purchase things online are enthusiastically welcoming this method of consumption, and they are the strong force for this kind of shopping pattern. 


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