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Metro Line 5—A Better Option than Cars Highlight

cindy  10-08-09 11:21

Since it started operation on October 7, 07, Beijing Metro Line 5 has become the main north-south traffic artery of Beijing, with the number of passengers reaching a highest record of 449,000 per day.

Many people choose to commute or travel by the subway since it is fast and affordable.  Ms. Wang who lives in Tiantongyuan Community deeply appreciates the convenience of the 5th line. Now, her commute to work could be shortened by at least one hour. Before the opening of the 5th line, she had to drive for more than two hours, the traffic jam made her daily commute a nightmare. But now, every morning she drives to the terminal of Tiantongyuan North Station and transfers to the subway to get to the World Trade Center. She said this not only avoids traffic jam, but also saves gas and high parking fees at the office building. To park in the Tiantongyuan North Station the parking fee is only two yuan if private car owner has traveled on Line 5 on the same day. The parking fee can be paid by an all-in-one card (yikatong).

Today, Beijing is making giant strides towards a "subway era". More efficient and environmentally friendly subway system is attracting more and more people to drive less like Ms. Wang and to take subway instead. These new trend of commuting habits will have a crucial impact on public transportation, energy saving, and environmental protection.





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