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“Cool savers” are popular among Chinese youth

editor  13-04-01 16:55

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    谁说当下中国人铺张浪费成风?谁说中国当代年轻人喜欢当 “月光族”?如今,“酷抠族”已经成了很多中产阶级追求的时髦生活方式。
Who said it common for Chinese people to live a life of extravagance and waste? Who said Chinese young people like to spend their whole paychecks? Nowadays, “cool savers” live fashionable lifestyles pursued by the middle class. 
“Cool savers” refers to a group of people who have high academic qualifications and high salaries but seek simple lifestyles. Their code of conduct involves taking public transportation and not private cars; not taking cars if one can walk there; tearing napkins into halves to double their use; heating leftovers in electric cookers and not in microwave ovens; air-drying clothes rather than using driers; using more mobile apps like Fetion and emails rather than calling via cell; and much more. Perhaps these behaviors will be mocked by others and are labeled as stingy! But they persist their old ways and carry frugality and low-carbon lifestyles through to the end. 
“Cool savers” are not Balzac’s Eugenie Grandet, neither are they misers. Most of them have good salaries. The reason they have strict budgets is that they pursue a simpler and healthier lifestyle. In combination of the traditional Chinese virtues of frugality and modern fashionable thinking, this kind of simple lifestyle is a healthy one that makes them more concentrated on the people and things they like. 



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