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For the sake of blue sky, say goodbye to fireworks

editor  13-04-12 14:00

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In China, there is a tradition of setting off fireworks during Spring Festival. When new year comes, the first thing each family does is light fireworks, the popping sounds of which clean away the old of the past year and usher in the new. According to legend, ancient people set off fireworks was to scare away a monster known as  “夕.” Nowadays, people believe that lighting fireworks can create a joyous atmosphere, which is an important part of the holidays. People like to set off fireworks not only during Spring Festival, but also when a new store opens or after a wedding ceremony. The occasion is very exciting.  
However, in 2012, many big cities in China had serous air pollution affecting people’s health and wellbeing. In order to let their loved ones live in a clean environment, many people called for setting off fewer or even no fireworks for the 2013 Spring Festival, using different approaches to create the same joyful atmosphere. Through the vocal efforts of many groups, most Chinese people responded, and the volume of fireworks sales in many cities fell by 40%, and the number of people who set off fireworks reduced visibly. The air was better, and waste generated by fireworks also decreased. Chinese people are working hard to say goodbye to fireworks and welcome blue sky. 



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