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Peng Liyuan, China’s first lady, leads a surge in local fashion

editor  13-05-02 16:42

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      2013年3月22日,中国国家主席习近平携夫人彭丽媛出访俄罗斯、非洲。随后,“第一夫人”彭丽媛的风采不仅受到了海内外媒体的高度称赞,而且其着装则更是引发世人极大的关注。“第一夫人” 精彩亮相的外套和皮包等均来自中国本土品牌——“例外”和“无用”。一时间,国人掀起了关注本土服饰的热潮。3月27日下午,位于北京海淀区当代商城的“例外”专卖店,店员正在忙着接待来店顾客以及电话咨询。 “4天前,几乎从来没有人打听过这个牌子”。
On March 22, 2013, Xi Jinping, China’s chairman, took his wife Peng Liyuan when he visited Russia and Africa. Later, the charisma of the first lady was not only highly praised by the media at home and abroad, but also her clothing was given great attention by the people. Her coats and bags were all Chinese local brands known Liwai (“Exception”) and Wuyong (“Useless”). This raised Chinese people’s passion towards local dress. On the afternoon of March 27, the assistants at Exception’s exclusive shop in Dangdai Shopping Mall in Haidian District, Beijing were busy receiving clients and answering telephone inquiries. “There was almost no one asking about this brand four days ago.”
“That Peng Liyuan chose local brands greatly improved the marketing of the Chinese fashionable industry,” said Wu Zhenghong, secretary general of Guangzhou Clothing Industry Association. After many years of development, Chinese clothing has transformed from developing traditional equipment and low-cost export manufacturing to giving priority to domestic demand and pursuing individualized and high-profit margin products. The debut of Peng Liyuan and the popularization of Exception is an iconic transformation. The demonstrative effect brought by the first lady is a turning point in the development of local Chinese fashion. 



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