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Why are people so busy taking art examinations?

editor  13-05-29 17:00

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In recent years, art examinations have become more and more popular in China. The art examination dates are generally clustered in February. Every year, countless parents take their children, who dream of art, to take the exams. 
These art examinations are comprehensive professional tests held by major art colleges and art departments in China. They are taken by high school students at the end of the first semester of junior year. Those who pass receive certifications from the college that administered the test, then later take the national college entrance examination known as the gaokao. After the gaokao exam results are released, each art college will accept only the most outstanding applicants. At first, the art examinations were just a kind of test. However, young people admitted to art colleges have opportunities to become greatly admired stars whose halos entrance their peers. Thus, the art examinations have become the easiest path for students to realize their dreams. In order to prepare for the examinations, students enroll in all kinds of supplemental classes and gain specialties in literature and art. Their parents also accompany them to these lessons, spending lots of money and energy. Some even take the exams during successive years, wasting away their youth. 
In truth, even if they are admitted to art colleges, the students are not guaranteed to become superstars, whose lives and professions are not as splendid as they seem. The art examinations in China have gone too far. Students and their parents should approach them more cautiously, and society should guide them in a proper manner. 



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