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Weibo – delivering the message of love

editor  13-07-05 16:50

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In August 2009, the Chinese web portal became the first to introduce weibo (micro-blogging). Netizens soon welcomed this novelty and weibo became greatly popular in China. People used weibo to announce their personal updates, resend interesting posts, and get to know new friends, forming a world of weibo. By October 2011, the total number of weibo users had reached 249.8 million. 
On April 20, 2013, an earthquake of magnitude 7 took place in Sichuan province, attracting great attention in China and around the world. Each large news agency and business website released and updated information on the earthquake through weibo in real time. For people who did not have the access to television, weibo became a tool to know the latest situation in the disaster area. Earthquake-related topics became wildly popular, attracting discussion among many users. Many people got in contact with their relatives and friends in the disaster area through weibo. A single weibo message to report one’s safety brought great relief to others, and many people used weibo to announce what people in the disaster area needed, enabling those who wished to help to contribute their strength. People delivered messages of love, making it reach new heights through weibo. 


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