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Parents arranging marriages for their grown-up children

editor  13-10-23 16:57

Language:中文 pin yin English

In the urban markets used to post marriage personals, it is common to see the white or graying hair of old men and women. They are not looking for spouses, but rather come on behalf of their unmarried children. Their goal is the happiness of their children. These old men and women often clearly write down their children’s descriptions, and when they encounter singles or parents they like, they take the initiative to chat with them. If they find the situation suitable, they leave their contact information to help their children get in touch. 
Such behavior on behalf of these elderly is totally unavoidable. In large cities, older singles are often very busy with their work; therefore, they do not have much free time to search for blind dates. Or, they may feel embarrassed. Older people think they have more accurate personal insight and that they can pick more suitable spouses for their children. Other singles refuse such activities, meaning their parents take the field themselves and force their children to meet suitable mates. In spite of the various reasons, these elderly hope their children assuage their anxiety by getting married soon. 
Of course, parents who come on behalf of their children only play a role in collecting preliminary information. The rest requires the children to take the initiative to meet each other and develop a relationship. Though they are worried, parents cannot overstep their duties. 


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