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The booming College Entrance Exam economy

editor  13-10-30 16:53

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The annual College Entrance Exam affects hundreds of thousands of students and parents, and also stimulates the nerves of many merchants. Indeed, each year in June, when the College Entrance Exam is held, all kinds of business activities related to it multiply in number. 
College Entrance Exam resting rooms: What does one do if one lives far away from the examination site, and cannot wake up in time? What if there is no place to rest at noon? One finds a hotel close by. During the three days of the exam, hotels close to testing sites provide hourly rate hotel rooms to the examinees so that they can have an afternoon rest. At the same time, however, the price of putting up for the night at such hotels also rises quietly. 
Health care products: Taking the College Entrance Exam is mentally taxing work. Some businesses promote health care products that claim to help students avoid being tired at the starting line.   Can such products really improve examinees’ memory and ability to relax? No one knows. Like the parent of one examinee said, parents buy such products as an expression of love and also as a kind of emotional comfort. 
Graduation dinner: It is important not to forget one's teacher after graduation. After the examination, many restaurants will promote teacher appreciation dinners. A student or a class of students will book a dining room to treat their teachers as an expression of gratitude for three years of high school learning. 
Some businesses promote sales, during which examinees can use their admission cards to purchase discounted products after the examination. Beauty salons have personalized hairdressing services for students, and traveling agencies provide all sorts of traveling itineraries specifically designed to help examinees  relax. Additionally, many examinees have shopping sprees before entering university, which heats up the economy during the summer months. 


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