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Remaking classics are very popular

editor  13-11-01 14:42

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In recent years, the film and television industry has seen a craze for remaking classic films and television serials. At one time, many shows deeply ingrained in peoples’ memories reappeared on screen, but the results were not up to expectations and were criticized by audiences. 
There is value in remaking the classics. Due to problems of technology and cost, shows from dozens of years ago do have certain drawbacks. Modern technology and money can make up for these shortcomings, but remaking them does come with a big risk. First, scripts needs to be modified and plots changed to a greater or lesser extent. Storylines that were popular dozens of years ago may not necessarily satisfy audiences today. Second, the actors won’t be the same, and audiences will tend to have the impression that the original players were better. When they see new actors, they are usually not satisfied and get picky. In addition, they are nostalgic and think that shows from previous years were the best, because those were the ones they watched during their youth. 
Even so, the film and play industry is still fond of remakes. Perhaps these scripts are more than classics and can attract a great deal of attention, as well as save on time and energy. But without innovation, audiences will stop watching sooner or later. 


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