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Early education becomes popular in Chinese society

editor  13-12-10 16:45

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Early education has become a hot term in China in recent years. All kinds of courses, websites and textbooks are endlessly emerging, and the economic benefits are considerable. Merchants are flocking to them and parents who have great ambitions for their kids are also chasing after them. 
Early education refers to a person’s education from his birth to pre-primary school. Education experts believe that the infant period is the time when the child’s nervous system develops the fastest and the most important period for all kinds of potential development that cultivates their language, intelligence, artistic skills, emotions, personality and social skills. Early education advocates interest as a priority, giving kids knowledge from daily life and allowing them to cultivate an interest in knowledge.
Now, Chinese parents are paying more and more attention to their kids’ early education. They want to spend a lot of energy and money cultivating their kids.  For example, when their kids are aged only 2 or 3, parents will make them study English, painting, piano and dancing, which takes up a lot of play time and results in their reluctance to learn before going to primary school. The parents also become exhausted. Healthy early education should let children know the world through the various types and functions of toys and games to inspire their capability to actively think and explore questions. It should not be a form of cramming education. Parents should give their children a healthy and happy childhood.  



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