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Things to do before graduation

editor  14-03-05 16:58

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Over the past number of years different articles and postings on the internet have focused on various things college seniors must have experienced during their four years in college. These include completing their school work, advancing their love life, developing friendships, and overall self-development. 
School work: Listen to one’s lessons carefully complete the defense of one’s thesis; visit one’s most respected teacher and listen to his or her advice for life. 
Love life: Be engaged in a serious relationship and confess your love to the person you love, even if you do not actually love that person and it is simply an infatuation.  
Friendship: Forgive and forget friends who one has had troubles with in the past and participate in as many group activities as possible; see your classmates off and make sure to save their contact information. 
Self-development: Jog on the sports grounds in the morning and truly feel the campus you have lived at for the past four years; have a dinner in your least favorite dinning room; cut your hair in a still you would never normally accept or think to do. 
When college students graduate and move on to the real world, they will experience another kind of life. Although these things to do before graduation are not very the same for everybody, they do serve as the end of one’s student life for all people, and through these activities students will keep close their emotions and memories. 



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