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Is tofu jelly sweet or salty? This is a real problem.

editor  14-03-21 15:14

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In China, tofu jelly is a household snack. It is made of soy protein and is used in nutritious foods and is full of protein and calcium. It has a delicate taste that is loved by all Chinese people. Although it can be eaten at any time, most like to eat it at breakfast.
When eating tofu jelly, in addition to being very tender, the sauce is also very important. Generally, northern people like a salty sauce with meat stuffing, chrysanthenmum, or agaric. People living in the costal regions eat shredded kelp, nori, and small dried shrimps. Some people use sesame paste and chill oil while others like leek flowers, mashed garlic, and chopped green onion. Southern people like sweet sauces that are simple and made using only syrup and granulated sugar or brown sugar. 
The flavor of tofu jelly in the south and north varies greatly, often triggering arguments as to whether tofu jelly should be sweet or salty. People living in the south and north both think they are right and think the way of eating by the other side is intolerable. Arguments of this nature on the internet are endless and good natured teasing can often be seen. 
Whether tofu jelly is sweet or salty is an interesting argument. Although no definite answer exists and it is a question of non-importance, it is still an interesting question for netizens to debate. It also illustrates that in the era of internet, when using platforms such as Weibo, communication is barrier-free. 


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