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Empty-nest elderly people’s self-recreation activities

editor  14-06-10 16:57

Language:中文 pin yin English

“Empty-nest elderly people” refer to elderly couples whose children have grown up and left home, or parents whose children have passed away. With more and more people moving away from home for their studies, work, and settling down, the number of “empty-nest elderly people” in China is also increasing. A lot of “empty-nest elderly people” who are not accustomed to the departure of their children have a great deal of free time they are not used to, usually feel lonely, sleepless, and anxious, all of which even has an influence on their health. For these elderly people, we should help them with ideas to entertain themselves. 
First, many elderly people go together to play Chinese chess, sing, and dance will meet many friends who have a similar situation, and through this find the feelings and a way to integrate into society again. There are also couples who go travelling for fun, as opposed to visiting places because of work and family as they did when they were young. Since they have an abundance of time, their traveling is of high quality. Some old people who have rich life experiences will also write out their life story and memories. Sometimes, it is also one’s precious spiritual wealth that develops for some. There are also old people who travel between their children’s home and their own home. They take care of their children’s family when their children are busy, which is both a good way to spend their time, as well as help their children babysit and solve other problems. 


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