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Vacation Plans

editor  14-07-30 14:39

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It is time for summer vacation once again. For students, this is usually a holiday of one to two months. How will they pass the time?
Primary school students and middle school students are still minors. When they go out to travel, they need their parents to accompany them. As most students’ parents do not have the time, however, schools and society provide a number of activities to help keep students active. Despite these good intentions, many students choose to stay at home watching TV, playing computer games, and sleeping. They do things that they do not normally have the opportunity to do. In addition, they also have a lot of homework to do. With such a heavy learning burden, many parents also take their children to tutorial classes, and use the holiday to learn more knowledge. Therefore, the holidays for students in China is a simple, but not that easy of a time.  
College students’ holidays are more colorful. Due to the fact that they are adults and responsible for their own behavior, and they do not have a forced study burden, and in turn can stay at home and play computer games all day or travel the world. They can also take up a part-time job during a holiday to gain work experience in preparation for working after graduation, and also earn some extra money. 


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