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Online novels occupying the market

editor  14-08-08 15:59

Language:中文 pin yin English

Online novels have become popular with the development of the internet. With the internet as an optimal platform, writers release their original novels online for net users to read (most are free). On this platform, the threshold for releasing novels is not high. Writers, as long as they focus on writing, can share their works with others. In comparison with the complex process and high requirements of traditional paper novels, online novels can be completed in a more timely manner and become more readily accepted by ordinary people. 
Online novels are divided into fantasy, martial arts, urban, romance, history, games, magic, etc., and if ignoring the reality of past and present, writers can make up space and time environments, exaggerate plots, and the create the perfect characters. In the world of online novels, as long as your style of writing is excellent, and the concept is marvelous, nobody cares whether it complies with the norms of reality. Maybe the reason why readers like online novels is that in this world, their wishes can be realized through heroes and they can temporarily forget the troubles of society. 
Usually the writers of online novels are release their creations part by part as they are still writing. They updated at fixed times. Novels of high quality can attract many, many readers. When a novel is finished or even not yet finished, publishers will sometimes contact writers of high popularity to publish their novels. At that time, writers can not only realize their wish to become a more popular figure of literature, but also get paid.


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