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“考据族”——网络的监督使者 Online Events Verifiers

cindy  10-12-10 15:21

(This is the fake photo of a South China tiger made by Zhou Zhenglong.)

这张照片中的华南虎是否存在?“正龙拍虎” 这条新版成语由何而来?网络“考据族”会详细告诉你哦。









Online Events Verifiers


Does the tiger in the picture really exist? And how did the new coined phrase "正龙拍虎" come into being? Online verifiers will provide you detail answers to such questions.

"Online Events Verifiers" is a new popular word appearing firstly on the net. It refers to a group of people who have rich knowledge and have been dabbling at astronomy, geography and historical anecdotes. They devote themselves to authorizing the events on the net in a truth seeking spirit.

They would show up in the wake of a hot online event. They would try to find answers to the questionable points and provide various evidences through commonsense reasoning and simulation. They are trying to restore the truth for the netizens to judge by themselves. A good example here would be the Zhou Zhenglong event in 2007.

Netizens pass mixed judgments on these verifiers. Some people think that they help to create more credibility of the information provided online, and our society is in need of such people who can carry this social responsibility. While, some other people think it completely unnecessary for them to be so serious – they even think the net verifiers are only trying to steal the spotlight.

Nevertheless, the number of these verifiers is growing increasingly; they have got more and more attention and respect in many hot Internet events, and gradually become a special group functioning as watchdogs and fraud-busters on the Internet.




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