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周末农家休闲游 Highlight

cindy  10-09-01 10:39





Weekend Farm Tour

Xiaobai is a white collar employee. Since her last weekend tour to a farm in Yanqing, she has fallen in love with this way of relaxing. She said she often felt disturbed by enormous working pressure in the armored concrete forest in the city. Her way of relaxing used to be shopping. Every time after impulse shopping, when she faced things that she did not really need, she realized that this way of relaxing is not healthy.
Now at weekends, she and her husband like to drive to the suburbs of Beijing and find a good place away from the uproar and enjoyed sumptuous farmer meals. After meal, she can pick fruits by herself and bring some back home.
In recent years, farm tour as a way of leisure has sprung up in the suburbs of Beijing. White collar employees like to spend their weekends in the suburbs, eat farmer meals, sleep in farm houses, which is both economical and environment friendly. Most of farms are near to hills or by river. One can pick fruits, barbecue, climb hills or go boating and be close to nature. More and more urban residents begin to love this simple and natural way of relaxation.


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