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父爱如山 Solid Paternal Love

cindy  11-06-17 10:13

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       父爱如山。朱自清的《背影》传递了深沉的父爱,电影《搭错车》歌颂父爱的插曲“酒干倘卖无”也让人感动流泪 传唱至今。父亲节起源于美国,每年6月的第三个星期天就是“父亲节”。

Paternal love is as solid as a mountain. Zhu Ziqing’s article The Back Shadow shows the deep and silent father's love. The famous song "Are There Any Beer Bottles to Sell" from the film Papa, Can You Hear My Sing?, has also moved many people to tears and is still popular at present. Father’s Day originated from the United States, which is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.


On Father's Day, people give roses to their fathers. Wearing a red rose shows love for fathers who are still living; wearing a white rose expresses the remembrance for one's father who passed away. More and more young people value Father's Day as much as Mother's Day and celebrate it in various forms. In Qingdao, an activity named "How can I return you, My Father" will be held to on this day in the honor of 60 loving fathers; the activity "Speak up your love for fathers" encourages children to write a poem for, or give a card to their fathers; there are also some business promotions organized for kids to celebrate the day with their fathers.


Father's Day is not only a festival, but also a beautiful moment for people to show affections for their fathers.


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