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摆客的“摆”生活 To Be a Part-time Peddler

estella  11-07-20 09:46

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Currently, a trend of being a part-time peddler after work has become fashionable among Chinese young people. This group of people are called “摆客一族(peddling lovers)”. The website ( is particularly set up for them and the number of registers increases with each passing day. Among them, students and white collar workers account for the main part and they have already formed a unique streetscape in Wudaokou, Beijing.
When the evening lights are lit, these part-time peddlers appear in gorgeous dresses along the both sides of Hualian Mall in Wudaokou. There are all sorts of commodities in their stalls and some even drive here to peddle. Goods of all and sundry and enthusiasm of the peddlers attract the passengers. They stop and see if there is anything they like. Wu Meng is an employee working in a foreign company in Beijing, who is also a part-time peddler selling T-shirts and purses. She said: “Money is not my purpose. I believe to be a part-time peddler is an attempt of new life and also my way of relaxing. I like this feeling.”


Xiao Wei is a craftsman. He chooses to be a part-time peddler because he wants his works to be appreciated. Besides, he sets up his stall near “798 Creative Zone” of Beijing since he holds that visitors here can best understand his art.


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