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阳台种菜 Growing Vegetables on the Balcony

estella  11-09-01 09:39

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As we now enjoy a higher standard of living, we demand a higher quality of vegetables on our table. After all, vegetables provided in the market are far from meeting all the quality requirements of the customers. Therefore, many people in the city are trying to grow vegetables on their own, and thus a new lifestyle has emerged.
It requires no complicated equipment to grow vegetables on the balcony. All you need are some vegetable seeds, flowerpots and soil. Of course, you may have to prepare some fertilizers if you wish your vegetables to grow well. But don’t bother to buy them specially, because vegetable leaves, rice-rinsing water, and fruit skins, once put in sealed plastic bottles with some water and ferment for a while, would become a perfect organic fertilizer that is environment-friendly and energy-saving. It is also important to make sure that your vegetables can receive enough air and sunshine. Ventilate your room and bask your vegetables in the sun every day will make them grow healthily. 
Vegetables grown on the balcony are free from the contamination of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, truly green and healthy. Growing vegetables on the balcony costs little but can enable you to harvest constantly, which is helpful to save money for your family. Though they are not beautifully packed like those in the supermarket but they taste all the same. Watching your vegetables grow taller and flourishing every day will also bring you a joy of labor and a sense of fulfillment that can not be bought.


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11-09-01 11:16
Hope I have such a big balcony so I can grow my vegetables too