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“虎妈”式教育引发大讨论 Global Debate on Tiger Mom’s Way of Parenting

estella  11-09-19 11:28

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Recently, a Chinese American mother, Amy Chua, published a book named Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which caused an instant sensation in the U.S and brought a heated discussion about the different ways of parenting between the Chinese and Americans.

       该书介绍了这位华裔美国妈妈如何以“中国式”教育方法管教自己的两个女儿。这位“虎妈”崇尚中式教育,她用严格甚至是苛刻的方式来教育女儿。她要求两个女儿每科成绩都要拿A,不准看电视,琴练不好就不准吃饭。这种严厉程度让现在中国大陆的母亲们都感到汗颜。一次,大女儿索菲亚在数学竞争中只得了第二名,蔡美儿就勒令她以后每晚都要做2000道数学题,直到再次拿到第一名为止。还有一次,两个女儿为蔡美儿亲手制作了生日贺卡,可是她却拒绝接受,因为她觉得两个女儿没花心思,并告诉她们:“我理应得到更好的,所以我拒绝这个。”  虎妈的严格教育取得了“丰硕”的成果,两个女儿先后被哈佛大学录取,一个女儿还在著名的卡内基音乐大厅登台表演钢琴。
The book introduces how the author brings up her two daughters with the educational method of Chinese style. She advocates highly the Chinese concept of educating children with strict disciplines. For example, she demands her daughters to get straight As in school and wouldn’t let them watch TV. She even starves them if they didn’t play the piano well. This kind of strictness even made many mothers in China feel ashamed of themselves. Once, her elder daughter, Sophia, got the second place in a math competition. The mother then ordered her to solve 2,000 math problems every evening until she got the first place again. On the occasion of her birthday, the two girls made her a card but she refused to accept it, for she complained that the card was not good enough and told them she deserved some one better. Indeed, her unbelievably harsh methods have born good fruits – both of her daughters have been admitted by Harvard University, and one of them once played the piano in the famous Carnegie Hall. 
Amy Chua’s education methods have provoked widespread debate in both America and China. Some people disapprove this harsh Chinese educational method, but many more Americans begin to question their own way of parenting: What are the problems of our education? What should we learn from the Chinese? However, there is one principle that they will always stick to, that is, respecting the independence and freedom of each individual, including their children. This is exactly what the Chinese should learn from Americans.


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