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“换客”升级,学以致“换” The “Barter Clan” Are Now Exchanging Skills

estella  11-10-08 09:21

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A few years ago, a young Canadian exchanged a villa with a paper clip which created much of a stir on the internet, and numerous people followed his suit afterwards . Now, a new way of exchange ----“skill exchange” is getting popular among this “barter clan”.
       想在业余时间学一种你想学的技能却不用花钱吗?那就和别人进行技能交换吧!你可以先在相关的 “技能交换”网站上搜索你想学的技能,然后找到已经掌握这种技能的人,同时了解一下对方想学习的技能。如果对方想学的技能你也会的话,那么你们就可以进行免费的技能互换了。当然,你也可以主动出击,先到网站上把自己的情况介绍一下。介绍自己的时候,可以写上如下信息:我会××, 想学××,年龄,地址,性别联系方式等。
Would you like to learn a skill that you want to grasp without spending money in your spare time? If so, try to exchange skills with others. You can search online for the skill you want to learn, find the person possessing such skill and get to know the skill he or she wants to learn. If you happen to know the skill he/she wants to learn, then it would be the start of a successful exchange. Of course, you may also take the initiative to advertise yourself on the net, posting information such as the skills you have, skills you want to learn, your age, address, gender and contact ways.
Now, more and more websites especially for exchanging skills are built. Some skills are in great need, for example, computer repair, foreign languages, musical instruments and motor skills. This kind of exchange can not only enrich your spare time  but help foster your interest without any cost, thus becoming a new way of learning in the younger generation. Meanwhile, through teaching others, you can get a sense of achievement. If you are lucky enough, you  may also reap good friendships during the exchange!


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