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今天你穿越了吗 Time-Travel TV Series

estella  11-10-20 09:38

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Early in this year, a time-travel TV series named “Gong”, or “Palace”, attracted a large number of viewers. It is about a modern girl travels back to the Qing Dynasty. In September, another time-travel TV series “Bu Bu Jing Xin”, or “Startling by Each Step” with the same topic became a hit, gaining even higher ratings. For a time there were heated discussions about this kind of TV drama in microblog and bulletin boards, which made the time-travel TV drama even hotter, and thus time travel becomes the most welcomed topic for TV plays.
Time-travel TV series, as its name suggests, is about a certain person who, due to some special reasons (hit by a car, etc.) travels to another space time, either to the past or to the future. This kind of TV series is hailed greatly because of the subject: since the person can travel freely in time, like a tour guide, he/she is able to show the audience an entirely different life and brings brand-new experience. In addition, as modern people think and live differently from those in the past, there are inevitably many funny parts and merry time in such dramas, which make the audience happy and relax. Time-travel TV series also makes the dream of altering history and communicating with historical figures come true.
If you haven’t seen such TV series, it may be a good idea to choose one and travel through time together with the character in the play.


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