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拜 年 Pay a new year call

estella  12-02-15 10:24

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“Happy new year and best wishes for your health!” “May you have good fortune and prosper!”These words expressing good will adorn the new year atmosphere and also pushes forward the Spring Festival to the climax of the holidays.
On the morning of Lunar New Year’s Day, the younger generation gets up early and dresses up in beautiful clothing. They first pay a new year call to the elders, wishing them good health and good luck in everything. The elders prepare ahead of time a gift of lucky money to offer the younger ones.. Neighbors call at each other’s houses to pay a new year call, or they eat and drink together, extending  propitious sayings toward one another  such as “wish you good health” and “happy Spring Festival”, etc.
In addition, new year customs are different in various areas. In Northern China, the most interesting thing is to go to “temple fair” with friends and relatives. It is a folk recreational activity, where one can indulge in eating, drinking and pleasure-seeking. You not only can enjoy traditional stage performances, such as the dragon and lion dance, stilt walking and other theatrical performances, but also purchase   exquisite handicrafts, and works of art. It is truly a dazzling experience.  In Southern China however, people are concerned with paying a new year call to elders on the Lunar New Year’s Day.  On the following day, the married daughters return to their parents’ homes to pay a new year visit with their husbands and children. Soon afterwards, friends and relatives visit each other and pay a new year call until the Lantern Festival.
Nowadays, there are more and more ways for paying a new year call, such as by sending short messages, phone call, sending greeting cards or emailing electronic greeting cards, etc. The latest method of using video has now become a favorite.


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