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扭秧歌 Yang-ge Dance Highlight

cindy  10-08-06 17:46





Yang-ge Dance

In the ancient times, dancing is closely related to production. The Yang-ge dancing originated right from the movement of transplanting rice seedlings in farming. It used to be merely singing and was later enriched into a performance with both singing and dancing and spread all over China. Yang-ge falls into different types in different areas: Shanbei Yang-ge, Jinbei Yang-ge, Dongbei Yang-ge, Hebei Yang-ge, Shandong Jiaozhou Yang-ge and Guzi Yang-ge, etc. Yang-ge dancing is a necessity of celebrating holidays. It has been widely accepted by the aged and middle-aged urban people for its light rhythm and simple movements. It's both enjoyable and good for the health.

I have always been attracted by the Yang-ge dancers under the bridge on my way home after work. They are fully devoted to the dance. Handkerchiefs, fans and colored strips seem to become alive in their hands. Their rhythmic dancing and great passion have attracted many people to stop to have a look and some may even be attracted to join them. The deafening drum and cymbal beat seem to show how happy their lives are with Yang-ge dancing.



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