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柔力球 Taiji-tender-ball Highlight

cindy  10-08-06 18:06



        说起柔力球的普及,我们的温总理还有着不小的“功劳”呢。2006年5月,[和*谐]总理陪同德国总理感受“中国式晨练”,并当众展示了玩柔力球的高超技艺。 “总理挥拍”的消息在广大市民中流传了很久,同时也成就了柔力球在群众中的影响力。很多市民都是因为听说了温总理的事迹之后才开始了解柔力球,并加入到练 “柔力球”的队伍中来的。


Early in the morning, accompanied by light music, people practicing Taiji-tender-ball neatly swing the ball in front of their bodies, moving it slowly in an arc. The balls never drop; they seem glued to the rackets. I stood in the back of them, watching carefully. However, the seemingly simple act is not easy to do. When I waved the racket, the ball flew out. A warm-hearted woman told me that the skill to Taiji-tender-ball is in the eyes. The act must be soft and consistent, and it needs regular practice. After strengthening the basic movements, she said, you are also able to do a lot of tricks. Before finishing the sentence, she waves the racket. Sometimes she swings the ball, and sometimes she throws the ball in her hands. It curves from top to bottom, and she seems to dance with the ball, soothing, soft and flexible. It\\\\'s so exciting that we all cheer for her.

Taiji-tender-ball, originated in 1991, integrates skills of Taiji and modern sports, such as tennis, badminton and table tennis. Both the games and the basic techniques are natural curving processes, i.e., to dissolve the incoming ball’s force and use its force to throw with your own force.  The movements are simple, beautiful and easy for everyone to learn. Hitting the ball is a silent act. The principles of it are to use the static to control the dynamic and softness to overcome force. The exercise incorporates throwing, catching and rotating movements which are good for relaxing shoulder, waist, and neck.

In May 2006, the Prime Minister of Germany, accompanied by Premier Wen Jiabao, experienced  'Morning Exercises in China'. Premier Wen displayed his Taiji-tender-ball skills in public. The news spread among the general public, and then many people began to know this exercise after hearing the story of Premier Wen.  Now it has become one of the most popular exercises to maintain and improve people’s health in China.


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