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冰糖葫芦 Sugarcoated Haws on a Stick Highlight

cindy  10-08-06 18:12

         冬天来了,北京的大街小巷四处可见卖冰糖葫芦的小摊,鲜红、晶莹、味道酸酸甜甜,清脆可口的“冰糖葫芦”是秋冬时节中国北方人的最爱。“冰糖葫芦”其实与 “葫芦”毫无关系,只是用竹签串成的果子,其形状酷似“葫芦”。“冰糖葫芦”制作非常简单,它的主要原料是山楂,用竹签串成串后蘸上熬好的糖稀,糖稀遇到冷空气迅速变硬,就成了晶莹剔透、鲜红亮丽的糖葫芦。


Sugarcoated Haws on a Stick

When winter comes, you can see snack sellers selling Tanghulu on just about every street in Beijing. Bright red in color, crystalline sugar-coated with perfect sweet-and-sour taste, Tanghulu is a popular traditional winter snack in north China. In fact, there is no relationship between Tanghulu and gourd (the Chinese pronunciation is "Hulu"). It's just because the fruits are put on bamboo sticks and its shape resembles a gourd. It's easy to make a Tanghulu. Haw is the main raw ingredient. After putting the haws on thin bamboo sticks, it's then coated with hot sugar syrup. The sugar coating crystallizes in the cold air and then you have your bright red Tanghulu.
Legend has it that Tanghulu can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty. Once the imperial concubine Huang of Emperor Songguangzong fell seriously ill and was bedridden for several days. She didn't want to eat anything and was very unhappy. Court physicians failed to find an effective treatment. Finally, the emperor put up a notice to look for doctors. Then, a doctor from outside the court volunteered to try and cure the concubine's illness. After examining the patient thoroughly, he said to the emperor:"Simmer haws in sugar and water, eat 5 to10 of them before each meal, in less than two weeks, concubine Huang will recover". The concubine followed the prescription and finally recovered.

Later, the story of the miraculous cure and the making of the healthy food quickly spread among the common people. People began putting haws on bamboo sticks. After a dip in hot sugar syrup, they became the Tanghulu we know.

Research shows that, haws can help digestion of food, lower blood fat, lower serum cholesterol and bring us other health benefits. For thousands of years, the healthy and tasty Tanghulu has became a characteristic food in the streets of northern China.

Today, in addition to haws, a dazzling variety of ingredients such as water chestnuts, yam, walnuts, apples and oranges are used to make Tanghulu. Some Tanghulu are with fillings. People cut the haws open, filled with date paste or red bean paste, and then coated with sliced kumquats, bananas or roasted nuts. Thus, the Tanghulu nowadays looks prettier and tastes even more delicious.


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